10th –  25th October  09

Waiting Room, Cupar Train Station

‘Thanks Anyway’ (Trotzdem Danke) by Mischa Leinkauf & Matthias Wermke

Video, 6min, 2006

A man goes with his bucket and squeegee to bus, tram and railway stations around the city of Berlin and gives the front windscreens of the vehicles a clean free of charge. Some of the bemused drivers are pleased with this unexpected service but the altruistic nature of this action is difficult to swallow for some of the other drivers and staff. Obsessed with protocol, they continually ask him ‘do you have a permit to do this?’ and eventually call the police who come to discuss the free service he is providing. This leads the window cleaner out of the station and to a final mischievous act.


Mischa Leinkauf, born 1977 in East Berlin, worked as assistant director and production manager on feature films and commercials until commencing studies at Academy of Media Arts Cologne in 2005. Matthias Wermke, born 1976, Berlin, studies Berlin Art Academy.

Artists website: www.stopmakingsense.de


The purpose of this film is to amuse – but certainly not to suggest that anyone should attempt any similar action in this country, where trains are kept clean by their operators. Thanks to ScotRail for allowing us to show it here.

This exhibition is presented by Laura Simpson as part of Cupar Arts Festival which took place between the 10th and the 25th October 2009 and continues bi-annually.

Thanks Anyway is built on my research into emergent video artists from the UK and Germany. The Scottish Arts Council, through their Creative and Professional Fund, have provided some financial support for this project.

All images courtesy and copyright the artists.